Black Widow™ Cannabis-Infused Prerolls & Blunts

Black Widow is our infused Pre-roll and infused Blunt line. Each one is packed with premium flower grown right in Monterey county, hash that is made from the same flower, kief, and THC distillate oil.

The Black Widow line is made with potency and consistency in mind. Every time you buy a Black Widow you can expect quality in each and you can always expect that same great taste.

Black Widow™ Cannabis-Infused Prerolls

The Black Widow Preroll is made with our premium flower, bubble hash, THC Oil, and kief, all packed into a 1.25g cone.

Black Widow™ Cannabis-Infused Blunts

The Black Widow Blunt is a masterpiece of hand-rolled potency. Premium flower, bubble hash, THC Oil, and kief are all hand-rolled in a hemp wrap.