Why you should try Mission Brands

Meet Mission Brands, a truly unique company developing branded packaging and compliant labels and assisting our brand partners with S.O.P’s to manufacture and sell a broad portfolio of value-priced cannabis brands for the California consumer. Our simple mission statement; “the best for less in whatever we help make.” That really says it all when looking at Mission Brands. Mission Brands also has another differentiator, we started as the growers, making the soil, and fertilizer and even the containers the plants were grown in. These are all from the founder’s other businesses. Mission Brands was founded by Mitchell Davis, who is also the founder and a major shareholder of Sanctuary Soils, which is a California soil company specializing in the production of organic soils for cannabis. It is one of California’s largest producers of organic soil.

Mitchell is also the founder and still a partner in Mission Fertilizer, a state licensed organic fertilizer producer that specializes in the production of organic fertilizers widely used in the cannabis industry. Sanctuary Soil and Mission Fertilizer products are sold throughout the U.S.A.

With his extensive experience with farming, compliance and labeling working with the CDFA for their organic products he brings insight to working with the organizations responsible for implementation of California’s cannabis programs. Mission Brands was one of California’s first Clean Green certified cannabis growers. Mission Brands products are all California produced. Thru our licensed partners, many of the planting, manufacturing, testing and packaging stages of these processes are carried out following S.O.P’s developed over years by Mission. Located in California’s Central Valley, our company supports the local community and we proudly provide exceptional employee benefits and strive to support local business suppliers whenever possible.