The MyBlueDove™ line was created with the memory that potency is essential for cannabis medication. In the days when “patients” would walk into cannabis dispensaries for their medicine, potent products were readily available. Recreation happened, and it became difficult for those users to retrieve what they required. My Blue Dove is here for them and you.

Cannabis Tinctures

1 oz of the highest quality, most reasonably priced, MCT Tincture on the market using quality ingredients. Easy to dose, perfect for the casual user or the experienced with a higher tolerance. Available in 1oz THC, CBD and THC/CBD.

Relief Balm

My Blue Dove™ Relief Balm is a concentrated cannabis-infused salve that relaxes and soothes your body. The balm is made with nourishing oils such as meadowfoam, grapeseed, lavender, chamomile & calendula essential oils, rosehip seed oil, organic jojoba oil and organic shea butter. Pamper yourself and soothe aches and pains.

THC Tinctures

Introducing MyBlueDove’s new THC Tincture: full spectrum cannabis oil, expertly crafted with a blend of premium organic coconut MCT oil and strain-specific ingredients. Each bottle boasts a potent 1000mg of THC, complemented by a rich array of cannabinoids, ensuring a holistic and enduring entourage effect. Versatile and convenient, this THC Tincture can be seamlessly incorporated into your routine, whether you prefer adding a few drops to your favorite dish or placing them under your tongue. Elevate your day with the remarkable power of MyBlueDove’s THC Tincture. In Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid.