Don Primo

Our ultra-premium retail line, is the best of our best.

Don Primo Cannabis-Infused Lemonades

Don Primo
Cannabis-Infused Lemonades

Available in 12 oz  Original and Pink.
Fast acting formula.

Arnold Bomber
Cannabis Lemonade

A 12 oz Lemonade and Tea tincture with 200mg of THC and real cane sugar base! Priced like a 100mg edible but twice as much full spectrum THC. Fast acting, heavy hitting, Kosher certified.

Don Primo
Cannabis Tinctures

1 oz of the highest quality most reasonably priced MCT Tincture on the market using quality ingredients. Easy to dose, perfect for the casual user or the experienced with a higher tolerance. Available in 1oz THC, CBD and THC/CBD.

Don Primo Premium Select Single Origin Flower

Don Primo
Premium Select
Single Origin Flower

Available in 3.5 gm jars

Don Primo
Single Origin
Hash Bomb Prerolls

Available in 1 gm Indica, Sativa and Hybrid.